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Elevate your home with an array of captivating decorative objects. From wooden decorations to decorative figurines, pillows to seasonal décor, and candles that illuminate the ambiance, infuse your living room with personal charm and style.

Embrace the simplicity of table decoration by adorning your dining table with beautiful napkins, creating the perfect foundation for your creative vision. Enhance the arrangement with seasonal decor, complemented by eye-catching decorative figures. Complete the enchantment with candles in matching holders, setting the stage for cozy evenings at home and joyous celebrations like Christmas and birthdays.

Transform your windowsill into a mesmerizing focal point with a stunning window decoration such as a charming lantern or a decorative wooden object like our exquisite decorative houses. Don’t overlook the windows themselves as an opportunity to adorn your living space. Enhance their allure with decorative pendants or a charming string of lights, enveloping your home in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

In your living room, a haven of relaxation, unleash your creativity and transform your space into a cozy oasis of well-being. Enrich your home with wooden decorative objects like signs with heartfelt sayings and picture frames adorned with cherished photos, infusing your space with a personal touch. Embrace the comfort of cozy home textiles such as blankets and pillows, inviting you to unwind and indulge in tranquil moments. Discover the endless possibilities for creative expression and embrace the art of decoration.

Welcome to Made in Germany, where high-quality products bring your decorative dreams to life.

A little more about us…

Xentas Inc. started in 2015 as a small business, offering a variety of computer services. In 2017 we added print products to our portfolio. In North America we are widely known for our unique Garage Door Banners, Fence Banners and Balcony Privacy screens, offering all sorts of innovative designs at www.PrintDecor.ca.

We are German, born and raised in Germany, but now living in Canada, and we absolutely love Christmas. 2017 was also the inaugural year of our very popular Christmas displays website with the original Christmas map www.LightenUpCalgary.ca.

The overwhelming success of our Christmas map opened the door to importing handmade original and world-famous Christmas products from Germany at www.GermanChristmasDecorations.com. Here you can find all things Christmas! The unique, handmade items showcase the magical season and offer quality that will last for years to come – with a traditional German flair.

We love quality, handmade products and we love helping others sell their amazing products. From that love, our Craft Shop was born! Locally handmade products are now part of our portfolio at www.CraftShop.ca. Our passion is showcasing these items and our many customers appreciating our efforts motivates and inspires us every day.

To make our hearts full, we knew we needed MORE original handmade offerings and so we added even more products to our portfolio at www.Made-in-Germany.ca. These items are perfect for unique gifts, when you really want to wow the recipient with a fun and interesting item. But go ahead and take a look for you too! There are many things that will add a special touch to your space.

Visit our websites today or reach out via email or phone to see for yourself how we love what we do!

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Silvana & Christian

Founder and Owner of Xentas Inc. and all others

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